The soap maker in action.  

Photos courtesy of my daughter.

About Us

Handcrafted goat milk soap

I started this business after taking a leave of absence from an intense, high stress job that compromised my health in a very serious way, which made me reevaluate my career path, and my life.  I knew I needed to be my own boss again but wasn't sure what exactly that meant.  It was my husband that first suggested I start this adventure.  I always joked that I would retire someday, buy a plot of land, raise goats and make soap!  Even though we don't have any goats, (yet!) I do make all our products myself from scratch.  And I'm having a blast doing it!   It took weeks of research to come up with just the right combination of ingredients to make these soaps and lotions.  I'm very proud of them!  I hope you will be just as happy with our products too!